Brenton Blue Pty Ltd is an engineering solution and innovation company. We specialize in solution innovation through new inventions.

Brenton Blue commenced trading in January, 2003 under the stewardship of the current Managing Director of Brenton Blue Pty Ltd, Gideon Jacobs. On the 1st of April, 2010, the Company was incorporated to allow expansion and growth, formalising the business in a joint venture with the Reid Robertson group of Companies. Michael Reid, Managing Director of the Reid Robertson Group, was appointed Chairman.

Through exciting new innovations, Brenton Blue grew its portfolio of intellectual property further and attracted more interest in the company and its inventions.

In the first half of 2011, Kerry Herron AM, founder and former Chairman of Herron Todd White Valuers, joined the Board of Brenton Blue Pty Ltd, and his family group also became shareholders.

Brenton Blue is a full-service company specialising in concept design and prototype development, with an emphasis on electronic, mechatronic and mechanical applications. The Company holds under licence the global distribution rights for all Intellectual Property owned by associate company Ganador Holdings Pty Ltd. Brenton Blue also holds distribution rights to the patented M3T dust suppression and fire retardant products owned by associate firm Marine 3 Technologies in South Africa.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, the Company has developed a comprehensive range of technical expertise, with expert affiliations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa and the United Kingdom. As a result the Company is able to offer its services globally across a broad range of industries. Extensive work is currently in progress on alternative energy solutions.

In 2010 Brenton Blue identified a need for a means of internally joining metals without the need for welding, cutting and polishing. After global patent and product searches failed to find a suitable multi-purpose system, we set about designing one, and Clemp® was born. Clemp® is now owned by Ganador Holdings, with patents applied for in Australia and patents pending throughout the World. Under its licence agreement with Ganador Holdings, Brenton Blue holds the global distribution rights to Clemp®.