Jacobs Thermal System (JTS)

Electrode Boiler

Electrode Boiler

In 2009 Brenton Blue, a Brisbane based research and development firm, was commissioned to design and build a multi-phase turbine based cavitation heater. During this process the Company’s senior designer and founder, Gideon Jacobs, discovered a process whereby heat could be generated more efficiently than previously thought possible.

Following years of dedicated research and development by a small team, the system and process have been refined and independently verified by a number of respected third parties; the intellectual property has been formally transferred to special purpose company Gamikon Pty Ltd; a PCT patent application has been filed world-wide, and the patent is registered in a number of countries; a comprehensive plan has been developed for the commercialisation of the technology; and we are making extremely good progress towards the first commercially viable system.

Our initial objective for the project is to enter the market with a small-scale industrial heating device, followed by a commercial / residential hot water unit, and a commercial / industrial electricity generation system.

The concept is based on a green, safe and non-polluting technology. We are achieving far greater efficiencies than anything else on the market, and believe that this technology will have a massive impact on all energy related sectors in the near future, including electricity generation and transportation.

We have deliberately maintained a low profile to date, and propose to continue with this strategy for the time being, as we wish to ensure the potential for the technology is realised. Our intention is not to actively publicize the technology or the Company until we have established sufficient commercial proof of the concept.

We are confident that Gamikon can play an important role in a global shift from carbon-based energy to more sustainable and sensible alternatives, for the benefit of both developed and developing nations.

Like many new technology developments, we are reliant on private investment to fund the process. We generally only raise equity as and when we need it, and particularly when certain milestones have been accomplished. To date the project has been funded by a small group of dedicated private shareholders.

The research and development programme has now reached a sufficiently advanced stage to warrant the introduction of more substantial investor capital, in order to enable:

  • Continued development and scaling of the core technology;
  • Development of the first specific commercial applications and adaptations of the technology;
  • Release for beta testing of the first small-scale electrode boiler.

We also need to continue pursuing patent registration in as many countries as possible, and to implement structures and systems in preparation for commercialisation.


In order to achieve the objectives outlined above, the Directors of Gamikon have resolved to accept additional investment, prior to a share price review on completion of the first commercial heating device. Investments will be accepted from suitable Board approved sophisticated investors, with a preferred minimum of $250,000.

A detailed Information Memorandum will be provided to Board approved parties subject to the execution of the Gamikon Deed of Confidentiality and Restraint. A full suite of technical and commercial documents, reports and projections are also available, and a physical demonstration of the system will be arranged for interested parties. Prospective investors are advised to obtain independent advice before committing to invest.


Parties are invited to register their investment interest in the project by directly contacting Michael Reid, Gamikon Chairman and CEO, on 0403 243 199 (International +61 403 243 199), or by emailing michael@gamikon.com.